Moving ahead to the Future of Internet Security

August 28, 2008

Security is one of the major concerns for both internet users as well as the system administrators in this technically strong wireless world.  So the appropriate and effective security level needs to be determined to protect one’s confidential information. Let it be prevention of unauthorized access of computers or controlling the unauthorized access for the intranet or extranet, unauthorized wireless means of transferring data, protection of consumers from phishing / pharming attacks which arise via fake online ecommerce activities and so on.  So the base for the entire computer communications treats can be controlled by limiting the system’s physical access to authorized individuals/users.


What is the Present and Future scenario of Internet Security?


In the present the individual as well the corporate are aware about the internet threats and the recent internet security needs. But still in some point of time they happen to violate the rule which is being framed in order to satisfy an other need. So at this point the individual may happen to violate the physical security, by revealing his password, which may lead to future confusions. So in order to prevent the identity, the person who discloses the password needs to change it once he logs on to his system again in order to avoid such kind of confusions.


The important and foremost scenario that needs to focused while speaking about the internet is the protection of Online data security i.e. Internet data and corporate security systems. Let it be a small scale industry or large scale industry or whatever it is “DATA IS MONEY” so, it needs to be safeguarded. Most of the fraudsters they happen to hack the data over internet. So it is always good to prevent an intruder from entering the personal or corporate network, by installing the security wall commonly known as Firewall. The intruder enters the network through writing software programs and passing it through the network to hack the data. Such kind of software programs may be virus, Trojans, worms, malware and so on. So to restrain a hacker, firewalls need to be installed, which prevents the hacker from entering the network, and also it is always good to have encrypted data, access control and user authentication  to prevent from such kind of data losses.


Next comes the online website security. Most of them not only the consumers but also the corporate are not aware about the website security. Now this age we call as information age, and most of the business as well as financial transactions are being carried out online. Is that anyone bothered about what happens next when you post your personal details to carry out a transaction? Are they secure?  So the consumers as well the online shopping, online banking business professionals need to secure their data as well as protect the consumer’s privacy. But how? Yes, the online ecommerce businessmen need to secure their site with SSL certificates, and also at the same time need to post some trust logo, which will show their security credential, and trust to safeguard the consumer data, and also need to create the awareness about it.


The Current phase in IT & Internet Security

The internet age is quickly revolutionizing and day-to-day there is an increase in the use of computers which are now being connected via wireless network. Also as the technology grew – the high level of accurate authentication is being given via Biometric technology, which is fast and user-friendly.  So wonder how fast the technology grows. So the going ahead to the future of internet security resides in the human intervention and the newest innovations. So the new internet security innovations and the human intervention continually monitor the network and gives access control to keep attacks from the hackers away.


To name a few of the internet security measures to prevent such kind of vulnerable systems would be to have a proper access control. Like Firewall works as an access control / security wall, Anti-virus, Anti-malware, Anti-spy ware, vulnerability analyzer etc functions as a detection & quarantine tool if the system is being affected, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), (Extended Validation) EV SSL , Trust logo, Hacker PCI compliance Scan logo and other cryptographic encryption systems functions as trust credential to the consumers / customers who carry out online transactions, Smartcards, access cards, Biometric authentication functions as a way for physical security. So there are regular updates being made to the security software’s, advanced encryption technologies to protect the identity theft and thieves entering the network. The future may bring in more advanced security suite to protect the internet users.


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Effective eCommerce Strategies for safe and secure online business and for Online Consumer Authentication

June 24, 2008

Running a successful online business is not that easy until the consumer trust your ecommerce website. So ecommerce transaction security is always considered good for you and your consumers. So a good online business should follow the important online business strategies to gain consumer confidence, trust and loyalty, which inturn makes your business good and gives you increased sales. So inorder to increase the trust and loyalty of your ecommerce website, you need to increase the security of your online business applications by developing and implementing the two-factor authentication solutions. Some of the security measures for authentication include SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates, Internet Security & Identity Protection suite and other such trust logos which provides an additional layer for web security.


When the authentication needs of the consumers are satisfied that brings an real trust about your online business, which infact brings you more business. Not only that when your companies online business brings trust along with the compliancy with the current and emerging government regulations & certifications will show your business to be a genuine. So the consumers will have a feel that they are doing a transaction with a secure business people, who spend  and allocate some capital on the consumers security needs, which infact  differentiates your brand, and the consumers will return to your website due the strong authentication and trust they have on your website.


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EZEncrypt – why?

April 30, 2008

EZEncrypt discusses on the Ecommerce Internet Security. I will start my posting soon here.

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